Why is Africa So Poor? Part of the Discover Economics Series created by the CAGE Research Centre. 2023.

African History through the Lens of Economics online course. 2022. “Africa’s Social Structure: Kinship, Family, and Social Relations” Discussion with Chinemelu Okafor. [Lecture Slides]

African History through the Lens of Economics online course. 2022. “African History through the life of Leonard Wantchekon”

African History through the Lens of Economics online course. 2022. “The Slave Trades” [Lecture Slides]

Radio & Podcasts

Penn’s Exchange Markets and Cooperation Podcast, March 25, 2022. “Dynamics of Beliefs, Tradition, and Change”

Charter Cities Podcast, November 16, 2021. “Historical Events and Economic Development” 

Conversations with Tyler, Episode 101, July 29, 2020. “Paths to Development”

A Correction: Podcast, April 23, 2020. “The Roots of Global Inequality”

BFM 89.9 The Breakfast Grill with Noelle Lim, November 29, 2019. “Culture is Everything”

Presentations & Talks

LEG Seminar. October 23, 2023. “Zero-Sum Thinking, the Evolution of Effort Suppressing Beliefs, and Economic Development”

2023 AEA Annual Meetings. ‘Slavery and Beyond’ session. January 7, 2023. “After the Burning: The Economic Effects of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre”

Condliffe Memorial Lecture. University of Canterbury, New Zealand. November 30, 2022. “What Divides Us?”

World Bank Africa Economics Series. Office of the Chief Economist, Africa Region. November 17, 2022. Rethinking Economic Development

Indian Statistical Institute Seminar. May 12, 2022. “Transhumant Pastoralism, Climate Change, and Conflict in Africa”

ASSA Annual Meetings 2022: Distinguished Lecture. January 7, 2022. “On the Dynamics of Human Behavior: The Past, Present, and Future of Culture, Conflict, and Cooperation”

DySoC / Exeter Webinar Series. Evolution and Social Systems, 2021. “Cultural Mismatch”

Spatial Economic Effects of Conflict Workshop, 2021. “Transhumant Pastoralism, Climate Change, and Conflict in Africa” 

IDSS Distinguished Speaker Seminar, 2021. “Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change”

Online Geneva Trade and Development Workshop, 2021. “The Effects of Fair Trade Certification: Evidence from Coffee Producers in Costa Rica”

Jan Soderberg Family Prize in Economics and Management, 2021. “Looking Back and Moving Forward: The Importance of History for Economic Development”

Kazanah Megatrends Forum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2019. “What the Collective Brain Teaches Us About Economic Policy” 

New York University Development Research Institute (DRI) Annual Conference, New York, 2018. “The Importance of Culture and Context for Development Policy”

London Business School’s Wheeler Institute’s Business and Fragile States Conference, London, 2018. “Foreign Aid and Conflict”

Global Empowerment Meeting, Cambridge, MA, 2018. “History, Cultural Context & Development Policy”

SFU-BMO Public Lecture, Vancouver, Canada, 2017. “Why Culture Matters”

Canadian Economics Association Annual Meetings, Antigonish, Canada, 2017. “On the Importance of Culture and Context for Economic Development”

Indiana University Bloomington, Ostrom Workshop Colloquium Series, 2017. “Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change”

World Knowledge Forum, Seoul, South Korea, 2015. “Economics from a Historical Perspective”

IDEAS UMass Boston, Boston, MA, 2014. “Gender Norms”

Global Empowerment Meeting, Cambridge, MA, 2013. “Shaping Beliefs and Culture”

International Atlantic Economic Society Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2012. “Culture and the Historical Process”