London Business School’s Wheeler Institute’s Business and Fragile States Conference, at London, England, Tuesday, October 9, 2018: Slides “Foreign Aid and Conflict”

CEA Annual Meetings, at Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Saturday, June 3, 2017: Slides Video “On the Importance of Culture and Context for Economic Development”

EHA Annual Meetings, Economic History and Development Panel, at Boulder, Colorado, Saturday, September 17, 2016: Slides “Why Development Needs History”

World Knowledge Forum, at Seoul, Korea, Thursday, October 22, 2015: Slides “Economics from a Historical Perspective”

IDEAS UMass Boston, at Boston, MA, Wednesday, October 29, 2014: Slides “Understanding Gender Norms”

IAES Keynote. Culture and the Historical Process, at Montreal, Canada, Saturday, October 6, 2012: Slides Video “Culture and the Historical Process”

Keynote Lecture. Food Environment: The Effects of Context on Food Choice, at Boston, MA, Thursday, May 31, 2012: Slides “Historical Perspectives on Food, Health, and Prosperity”